Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Last saturday I went back to work after a month long leave. I got sick thats the reason why I went on leave. I was able to get a fit to work order from the doctor even though they want to rest for few more works since the damage on my lungs was tremendous. But I said I am alright and I will take all the medications and I will make sure that I'll go back for follow ups.

My first and second day was fine. I was able to close several sales. BTW, I work at night since I am working in a call center. On my third day I logged out 6 but I went out around 6 am. Everything was fine, I went to Alabang bus terminal to catch a bus going to Lipa. There's no Air-con bus so I decide to ride the ordinary bus. I felt aswell during the trip and probably after 30 to 45 minutes I woke up. Upon waking up I felt a pain in my head. It's like migraine but more painful. The focus of the pain is in the right side of my head. There is also an urge to commit and I was sweating big time. My current location was very far from my house. I was afraid to vomit inside the bus or to faint. So I remain seated. I calm myself and tried to sleep again. After 45 mins of pain inside the bus I got home and it was around 8 am. The headache get worst, as in really worst. I was crying when I arrived. My dad approached me and gave an ointment and he gave m mefenamic acid to ease the pain. I can't help but cry. The pain lasted till lunch time or maybe because I fell aswell. But when I woke up around 2 pm I can still pain the pain and its the same pain and my sweat was like pouring endless. I tried sleeping and luckily I was able to sleep. I woke around 6 pm and I tried to prepare for work but my dad told me not to go work. He was worried that I am stress and I might get sick again so I said yes. I texted my supervisor but it turned out to be something not really nice. Heres the conversation:

Me: Good pm boss. Sensya na I can't make it tonight. Nilalagnat ako at sobrang saking ulo ko, kanina pa tong tangahali di parin nawawala.

SUP: WOW, diba may fit to work ka na? Isang buwan kn nawala absent ka na naman?

Me: Boss, di ko talaga kaya. Nakaka dawalang mefenamic na ako di parin nawawala yung sakit. Yun fit work I insisted sa docto na ok na ako, pero they want to rest ng mas matagal. Pumayag sila as long as I take my meds.

SUP: Anu ba talaga!? Fit to work kb talaga? Alam mo bang me legal repercussion yang ginwa mo? Hindi ka pala fit to work pumapasok ka. Anung balak mong gawin sa attendance ng team?! 

Me: Boss, ok na naman ako since asymptotic na yung pneumonia ko. di ko lang tlaga kaya,

SUP: SO, anytime na gusto mo umabsent aabsent dahil masama pakiramdam mo? Yan nga yun iniiwasan eh.Kung hindi k p tlaga ok edi sana hindi ka muna pumasok. Wala kapang isang linggo pumapasok absent ka naman. Anu gusto mo ipaliwanag ko kay boss.

ME: Boss last na to. di ko na talaga kaya.

SUP: Narinig ko na yan.

I opted not to reply anymore. And I dont know what to feel anymore.

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