Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am positive.

First week of April my doctor texted me asking me to visit the clinic, when I recieved her text I already thought that regarding the confirmatory test result. Unfortunately I can go there since I just starting with my training under new employeer. I told my doctor that I can't make it that week. My doctor's clinic is 2pm to 5 pm, and my work schedule is 2pm to 10 pm. I really wanted to see my doctor, but I don't have the courage to ask permission from my trainer. The fact that his my trainer and his not filipino scared me to ask permission. I was lucky that on my second week of training, my trainer is filipina and part of the previous program that I was with. So i talk to her, explain everything and ask permission. Our deal was I need to go to training first, log in, then if it's my time I with leave the training and go to my doctor.

I went out around 3.30 pm but my doctor is not yet around, so I waited. Luckily after 1 hour she arrived but I was not the first patient. So I waited 2 hours in total. I was nervous while waiting, but I am already conditioned my mind that the result was positive. And I was not wrong, It was positive. I'll post the result next time

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